Sophie Lee

First and fore most, I would like to thank you for taking the time and interest in myself. My name is Sophie Lee. I am Korean/ Vietnamese heritage but completely Canadian born with no orient accent.
I stepped into the world of sexuality to embrace myself as a whole. Being 5foot & 7inches with an outspoken character puts me at a different level from your typical oriental spinners that you may have encountered. I am sportive with muscle mass and a healthy lifestyle, but not afraid to let loose and be your ideal companion. My passion comes from learning about the person (man/woman) in what desires or kinks they crave, as it feeds my energy and responsive body language.
I am based in Montreal and take the opportunity to tour when I can. I have a very healthy sexual appetite that is not mechanical nor forced. I appreciate a person (man/woman) who enjoy the same and not just a one time shopper. I believe that you can never finish a novel in an hour.
That being said, nor do I enjoy writing a novel alone. Shall we write one together?